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The Career Accelerator is tailored for women clinicians and scientists in the digital health sector who are focused on expanding their impact as strategic business leaders and operators.

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Meet Dr. Clare Purvis

I crafted this program to create standout leaders in far less time.

I started my digital health career in a mid-level product and research role at a mental health startup. While I sometimes joined a sales call or met with investors, I mostly focused on the clinical and scientific work. My job was to make sure we made a good product with strong clinical outcomes, not to worry about the commercial stuff. Right? Besides, the business executives weren’t interested in my opinion anyway. Better to keep my head down and do good work.

When that startup failed, I didn’t fully understand what had gone wrong. As a clinician, I didn’t have a deep understanding of the business context in which healthcare startups operate. I recognized that only by leaning in to lead in an industry context could I really deliver on my mission to help the people who use digital health products. Clinicians and scientists need to lead the healthcare revolution in full partnership with business leaders and investors. But many of us are unsure how to translate our clinical and scientific expertise into business leadership. I know I was!

In the years since that first startup job, I’ve worked diligently to hone my business acumen, sharpen my industry perspective, and gain greater influence in the digital health industry. I studied healthcare innovation with the world’s leading experts, interviewed dozens of healthcare CEOs, investors, and founders. I’ve taken business school classes and Design Thinking workshops.

The concepts and tools in this program are the ones that have worked to get me from an entry-level clinician to the C-suite. Since that first mid-level role, I’ve held two executive leadership positions at digital health startups. I’ve been offered (so far) five C-level executive positions at digital health companies with valuations up to or exceeding $500M. I’ve been able to share my skills as an advisor and consultant to health companies around the world, and I speak about digital health on global stages. I created this program to share what I’ve learned about growing influence in digital health, so you don’t have to spend years re-inventing the wheel.

I want to see the digital health industry achieve its promise of radically improving health at a global scale. But that won’t happen without expert clinicians and scientists like you stepping into real leadership positions.

I’m excited to help make that happen!