The digital health industry needs the best clinical and scientific leaders at the helm of the healthcare revolution. For women, the leap from academia to industry can pose a particular challenge. 

WELL bridges the divide. 

WELL is the professional organization dedicated to advancing women as clinical and scientific leaders in digital health. 

We work with women already working as clinical science leaders in digital health, professionals and students in the health sciences who want to learn more about technology and industry careers, and business leaders from other disciplines who engage with clinical scientists. Our organization's leadership is restricted to clinically trained female health professionals (including clinical researchers) working primarily in digital health settings. Our membership is open to women with any degree of interest or experience in the intersection of clinical research and/or care delivery and technology including: 

  • Direct patient care in settings using digital modalities
  • Psychology trainees interested in learning more about careers in technology
  • Technologists interested in learning about clinical science and practice 
  • Researchers and clinicians in traditional settings (VA, academic medicine, etc.) who want to learn more about using technology
  • Clinical leaders in other industries (insurance, health policy, etc.) who want to learn more about healthcare and clinical intervention or research

Membership Benefits

For Women in Digital Health

WELL provides community, mentorship, and tailored skill-building to support women who have made the leap from clinical and/or academic settings into digital health in becoming impactful business leaders. Members receive access to workshops, trainings, and mentorship events, both in-person and online. We aim to support our membership in acquiring and fine tuning essential industry skills including: 

  • Translate science for business and investment audiences 
  • Gain expertise and vocabulary for business development and sales
  • Clearly articulate the unique value of clinical scientists in digital health 
  • Articulate and share best practices for delivery of health care digitally

As a part of our professional community, WELL provides:  

  • Monthly informal social events (happy hours, networking events, etc.) 
  • An online presence for communication, mutual support, and mentorship
  • A platform to share job opportunities and promote qualified candidates
  • A professional "home base" 

For professionals, researchers, and students in the health sciences

WELL is committed to training the next generation of digital health leaders by providing educational experiences for students and professionals in the clinical health sciences who are interested in digital health and technology. We offer workshops, presentations, and training experiences on a range of topics including: 

  • Best practices in developing, testing, and disseminating digital health products
  • Understanding the startup landscape (e.g. equity, runway, product-market fit) 
  • Internships providing experience with digital health research and implementation
  • A platform to apply for open positions in digital health

WELL is working to establish a presence within existing scientific communities. Contact us to see how we can contribute to your upcoming event. 

For digital health founders, investors, and technologists 

WELL leads the way in advocacy for digital health policy to protect consumers, uphold clinical best practice, and promote meaningful improvement in healthcare delivery. We work with stakeholders in policy and industry to: 

  • Establish ethical guidelines and best practices to govern the development, evaluation, and dissemination of digital health interventions
  • Provide public education, for example by publishing in the popular press
  • Educate business leaders about the value of clinical health scientists on leadership teams